How do I connect a bank account and set up a FastTransfer deposit?

Here are the steps to follow: 

1. Log into your StashAway app and select "Transfer", then "Put money in".

2. Under the “FastTransfer” tab, select “Make a one-time deposit”.

3. Select “Add bank account” and you’ll see StashAway integration with Lean screen, select “Continue”.

4. Select the bank you prefer to connect to StashAway and select “Continue”

5. Log into your bank and confirm StashAway as the beneficiary to your bank account (you’ll likely need to confirm via OTP or answer some security questions)

6. You can go back to the homepage, again select “Transfer tab”, then “Put money in”.

7. Under “FastTransfer” tab select “Make a one-time deposit” and select the connected bank account

8. Select the portfolio you want to deposit to, then add the deposit amount and select “Continue”.

9. You’ll get redirected to the Lean screen, then select “Confirm payment”, and “Submit”. 


That’s it!


Do note that some banks have a cool-off period and you can only make deposits after this period is over.