What does it mean to be a Professional Client?

A Professional Client ("PC") may generally have access to a wider range of financial products and services. Some financial institutions may not offer certain products and services to persons who are non-PC.

To be eligible to be treated as a PC, you must first meet eligibility criteria (please refer to "How do I qualify for PC Status?" ) and you must opt in to be treated as a PC.

If you opt in to be treated as a PC, you are regarded as having consented to and understood the following:

  1. I represent, warrant and undertake that I am a "Professional Client" ("PC") as defined under the DFSA Conduct of Business Module Rulebook, Section 2. I agree to provide the relevant supporting documents and all supporting information and documents I have or will provide are true, accurate, complete and authentic. This representation shall be deemed repeated upon every transaction and dealings with StashAway in relation to my account.
  2. I understand what it means to be a PC and the consequences of choosing to opt in. In particular, I acknowledge that choosing to be a PC, this may reduce certain regulatory safeguards applicable to me so long as StashAway has not received a withdrawal of consent from me. I have read and understand the general warning and regulatory safeguards applicable to me, as discussed in the PC FAQs.
  3. Having considered the consequences, I choose to opt-in and provide my consent to be treated as a PC as defined in the PC FAQs in relation to my account, transactions and dealings with StashAway.
  4. I am aware that I can withdraw my consent at any point in time and choose not to continue to be treated as a PC. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the consequences of withdrawing my consent.
  5. I confirm that although StashAway may draw my attention to investment opportunities and provide me with market information, opinions or recommendations, I understand that such advice may be given in isolation and may not always take into account the asset allocation of my portfolio. I agree and acknowledge that all decisions whether or not to invest and/or to enter into transactions will be made on my own. I will be making decisions on whether or not to invest and/or to enter into any transactions on my own behalf and/or StashAway will only facilitate the entering into such transactions upon receiving my instructions.
  6. I undertake to notify StashAway immediately of any subsequent change to my financial situation which affects my eligibility to be considered as a PC.
  7. I am aware that StashAway will not be required to provide me with any contract notes, statements of account or receipts under the DFSA Rules, on a monthly basis, when my PC status is in effect where such would otherwise be required, unless I instruct StashAway to do so. Although StashAway has no regulatory duty to provide me with the above-mentioned information, StashAway will continue to send me the statements of account until further notice and to provide me with other information upon request.