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Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation, or ERAA®, is the intelligent investment framework that minimises your risk and maximises your returns.
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What is Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation?

Economic Regime Asset Allocation

An economic regime is the state of the economy, and macroeconomic data is what tells us what regime we're in.


Good times

Inflationary growth



The 4 economic regimes

We define economic regimes by distinct relationships between growth and inflation.Tap the boxes to learn about each regime

Economic Regime Asset Allocation

Asset classes behave differently depending on the economic regime. ERAA® will change your portfolio’s asset allocation to prepare for the current or upcoming regime while maintaining your risk preferences.

We call this change to your asset allocation “Re-optimisation”.
Re-optimisation is triggered by one of three events:
  • An economic regime change
  • Uncertain economic conditions flagged by our Risk Shield
  • A change in valuation of an asset class

StashAway Risk Index:

There is a 99% chance that this portfolio will not lose more than
of its value in any given year.
More conservativeMore aggressive
How this portfolio has performed compared to its same-risk benchmark
1.3%performance difference




Annualised returns since inception
As of July 2022
Compared to Benchmark of
5% Growth assets - 95% Protective assets

Our returns

When you create a portfolio with us, you’ll choose the risk level you’re most comfortable with. And we’ve done more than qualify risk as just “low”, “medium”, and “high”: With the StashAway Risk Index, we let you select risk that you can actually measure, and we make sure there’s always 99% chance you won’t lose more than what you’re comfortable with.

With intelligent risk management, there’s less chance for excessive losses even when markets are down. And those less-drastic dips set you up for long-term investing success.

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StashAway Management (DIFC) Limited is regulated by the DFSA (license number F006312) for the provision of arranging custody, arranging deals in investments, advising on financial products, and managing assets, with a retail endorsement.

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