StashAway Simple™

Earn a projected 4.7% p.a. on any amount

Future-proof your savings with StashAway Simple™.

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StashAway Management (DIFC) Limited is regulated by the DFSA (license number F006312).

Earn a projected 4.7% p.a. on any amount

Stash your cash with no rules

  • No minimum balance
  • No limit on the amount that can earn the projected rate
  • No investment, insurance, or salary requirements
Stash your cash with no rules

How will you use Simple?

  • Store your emergency fund
  • Prepare for short-term liquidity needs
  • Fund your StashAway investment portfolios
How will you use Simple?

Growing your cash should be Simple

StashAway Simple™ makes it, well, simple to safely grow your cash: no hoops to jump through, no fine print to look out for, no lock-ups or limits to stick to.

StashAway Simple™


No minimum balance to earn the projected rate. $1 or $1,000,000, it’s all the same to us.
Require a minimum balance to earn the basic rate.
No requirements to meet to earn the full projected rate.
Require investments, insurance, salary crediting, and more to unlock the full rate.

Where does your money go?

StashAway Simple™’s underlying funds

  • Emirates Islamic AED Money Market Fund




Projected rate from the fund manager
StashAway management fee
0.3% p.a.
Projected rate after all the fees
4.7% p.a.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We give you access to the Emirates NBD Islamic Money Market Fund at a low cost. With the MMF, we are using an institutional share class that has a lower total expense ratio (annual fee charged by the MMF's fund manager) than the retail share class available on FSM or anywhere else.

Nope! You can have just a StashAway Simple™ portfolio, if that's what works best for your financial plan.

Unlike fixed deposit accounts that require a minimum lock-up period, you can withdraw from StashAway Simple™ at any time. And unlike traditional savings accounts, StashAway Simple™ doesn't have any tiered earnings structures or account activity requirements. Also, StashAway Simple™'s rate can vary, depending on the economic environment. In addition, your Simple portfolio is made up of ultra-low risk assets, but is not insured.

StashAway Simple™ is an investment, so there is a level of risk, but it’s incredibly low. We designed it to be an ultra low-risk cash management portfolio that invests in a money market fund.

Yes. Depending on economic conditions, StashAway Simple™'s projected rate may change, as its underlying funds are affected by economic health factors. Though, when applicable, our system will re-optimise your Simple portfolio to maintain the highest possible projected rate within a given economic environment. We'll review the projected rate continually, and notify you in case there's a change. The risk level to which your money is exposed will remain the same within StashAway Simple.

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