How does the outcome of the financial assessment affect my portfolio risk settings?

The financial knowledge assessment is designed to protect you from unnecessary risk. Depending on the outcome of your assessment, we may cap your risk level and you will not have access to our higher-risk portfolios.

To access the higher-risk portfolios, we highly recommend that you either watch our Investing Basics Presentation on our mobile app (available anytime) or attend our Investing Basics Live Webinar which happens every few weeks. They’re both free to watch and the presentation gives you insights into the following:

  • Understanding the risk and return relationship
  • What you should consider before making an investment
  • Understanding your personal risk appetite and preferences
  • Why your investment timeline is important

We also have other courses you can watch that will help you better understand your financial and investment plan. Once done, do email our Client Experience Team at and we will be able to open up all risk levels for you.