How is StashAway different from other financial advisors?

StashAway offers a wide range of low-cost investment options, unlike traditional advisors who charge high fees and offer one-size-fits-all investment packages.


We use advanced technology that maximises intelligence through complex algorithms that consider your personal goals, and market performance. StashAway is a more efficient alternative to a traditional advisor, designed by expert investors to manage portfolios.


Additionally, StashAway has no minimum deposit, no lock-up period, and no withdrawal fees, and offers an intuitive digital platform to keep track of your investments.

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StashAway Management (DIFC) Limited is regulated by the DFSA (license number F006312) for the provision of arranging custody, arranging deals in investments, advising on financial products, and managing assets, with a retail endorsement.

StashAway Management (DIFC) Limited (registration number CL 3982) is established in the DIFC pursuant to the DIFC Companies Law. Its registered address is Unit 1301, Level 13, Emirates Financial Towers, P.O. Box 507051, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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