We've Got a New Look

04 March 2022

One thing you’ve probably noticed by now is that we bid farewell to the original StashAway logo. Our iconic logomark with the house and a stack of coins in front of it was deeply-loved and instantly recognisable.

However, with our plans to offer more and more financial services, we knew it was time to move away from the narrative of only stashing money away and letting it grow. (But yes, we are keeping the name.) Each personal finance journey is fluid and unique. And we’re here to support that. Which is why we wanted to bring in more movement and modernity to our logo. And we’re excited to share with you our new logo:

StashAway new logo gif - March 2022
StashAway new logo image
StashAway new logo icon

We thought it was time for a fresh look. Here's why.

In 2016, we started out just in Singapore with a single core investment option on a desktop-only app. Last year alone:

  • we raised Series D funds from Sequoia Capital in April;
  • launched our services in Hong Kong and Thailand in April and August, respectively (after expanding to MENA in late 2020); and
  • introduced Thematic Portfolios

(And that's just the beginning of a long list of new investment products that we’re excited to launch for you in the coming months!) We’ve transformed from an investing app to a global digital wealth management platform. Semantics, some may say. Though, to us, this was a fundamental shift. A shift towards being not just a place people invest their monthly savings in one or two portfolios, but rather a place where they can also grow their cash savings painlessly, invest in different types of assets, learn about the markets and how to manage their finances, and even map out a path to reach financial freedom. Serving hundreds of thousands of people from more than 140 countries, we acknowledged that we were quickly becoming a globally-recognised service and brand. Although we’re only scratching the surface of what there is to achieve in innovating the wealth management space, we knew it was time to take our appearance up a few notches to be even more world-class, to match.

We’re looking forward to the future with you

In the coming days, we’ll update our brand language in phases. A new logo and visual language may seem like superficial changes at first glance, but the reality is that they were absolutely necessary in order to convey where we’re going: New, better investment options. New, better wealth management options. We know you have high expectations of us. We have heard you loud and clear. And today marks that we are stepping up more than we ever have to exceed those expectations. Our journey has been completely influenced by your financial needs and expectations. Here’s hoping you’ll warm up to our new look as quickly as we did.

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