How do I schedule a recurring FastTransfer deposit?

If you haven’t connected your bank account to StashAway app yet, follow these steps first to connect it.

If you’ve already connected your bank account to StashAway app, then follow the below instructions.

  1. Log into your StashAway app and select “Transfer” tab, then “Put money in”.
  2. Under “FastTransfer” tab select "Schedule a recurring deposit".
  3. Choose the connected bank account you wish to set recurring deposits from and which portfolio you want to regularly deposit to.
  4. Then complete your deposit details by selecting deposit date, frequency and deposit amount and select “Continue”.
  5. Confirm the recurring deposit details by selecting “Continue”.
  6. For the enhanced security measures, you’ll be asked to confirm subsequent recurring deposits every time the transfer is executed.

Do note that in case you’ve just connected your bank account and scheduled a recurring deposit on the same day, you might experience a temporary error. That’s because some banks have a cool-off period and you can only make deposits after this period is over.