Introducing Flexible Portfolio Templates

15 December 2022

Customising your portfolios just got even easier: get started from three templates.

In June 2022, we launched Flexible Portfolios, which let you build and customise your own portfolios from more than 45 different asset classes. Read more about Flexible Portfolios.

Now, our investment team has curated three templates to help you kickstart your journey to customising portfolios even faster⚡

More about our three Flexible Portfolio templates ✨

Passive Income template

This template features 99% exposure to a variety of bond assets that will be able to offer regular dividend payouts.

There are two risk levels to choose from:

  • Stable Income, which offers lower risk in exchange for a payout target of 4% to 5% p.a.
  • High Income, which offers higher risk in exchange for a payout target of 5% to 6% p.a.

🙋This might suit you if you…

💡How you could make this portfolios yours:

  • Choose the auto-payout function to get earnings to your bank account
  • Swap the template original assets in the template to those that you believe in. Want to get exposure to Emerging Markets? You can add local government bonds. Seeking to reduce interest rate risk? The Floating Rate Corporate Bonds might be an option.

World Index Tracking template

This template provides highly-diversified investment exposure to global markets, reducing the volatility from being overexposed to one region or asset class.

There are three different risk levels to choose from, based on stocks and bonds ratio:

  • Stocks 20% : Bonds 80%
  • Stocks 60% : Bonds 40%
  • Stocks 100% : Bonds 0%

🙋This might suit you if you…

  • Want well-diversified exposure to global markets and long-term wealth accumulation
  • Don’t have a strong preference for any one specific country, region, or industry, and want an all-catch investment option

💡How you could make this portfolios yours:

  • Get higher exposure to a particular industry that you believe in, such as Gaming and eSports, Genomics, and Healthcare. You name it!
  • Increase your exposure to a certain geographical region, such as Japan or Europe.

Risk-focused template

Customise from our General Investing powered by StashAway portfolios. You can choose from five Risk Levels depending on your risk appetite: Conservative, Moderate, Balanced, Aggressive and Very aggressive.

🙋This might suit you if you…

  • Want to have a portfolio aligned to your risk appetite
  • Want a long-term, well-diversified portfolio to build the foundation of your wealth

💡How you could make this portfolios yours:

  • Add exposure any asset class you believe in, such as the S&P 500, Emerging Markets, or Blockchain
  • Remove or reduce any asset class you don’t want exposure to

Reinvest or cash out your dividends with all Flexible Portfolios

Reinvest your dividends and get the most out of your compounded returns over the long term. Or, create a passive income stream by cashing out your dividends.

Each asset will have different payout targets. So if you’re looking to build a portfolio with regular payouts, look for the assets that have higher payout targets. You’ll be able to get payouts to your bank account from as low as 50 AED per month. If the payout adds up to less than 50 AED, anything you earn will get automatically reinvested in your portfolio.

Flexible Portfolios are, well, Flexible

All flexible portfolios:

  • Have no minimum investment amount
  • Allow you to add and remove assets, and change their allocations any time
  • Auto-rebalance, meaning that we’ll maintain the asset allocations you decide
  • Let you know exactly how much risk you’re taking on

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