Getting Started

How do I get started?

How does StashAway verify my identity?

What document would I need to open an account?

Why do you need to collect my personal information?

How old do I have to be to open an account?

How do I change my password?

I am not a citizen of UAE; can I open an account?

I'm a US Tax Resident; can I open an account?

How do I find my taxpayer identification number?

Why do you need to assess my risk profile?

How do you understand my attitude towards risk?

How is my portfolio personalised for me?

How did StashAway choose the funds that are in my portfolio?

How does the outcome of the financial assessment affect my portfolio risk settings?

If I have already completed a Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) at another institution, do I need to complete it again at StashAway?

I work at a bank; can I invest my money with StashAway?

Is there a minimum deposit or fixed amount I need to invest?

How do I deposit funds into my StashAway account?

What currency can I deposit in my StashAway account?

What Financial Institutions (FI) do you accept deposits from?

Where can I find my unique reference code?

What if I forgot to include the unique reference code when I made a deposit?

I've set up my transfers, now what?

Why do transfers not happen immediately?

How does my money get invested from the moment I make a deposit?

How does my money get allocated if I have multiple portfolios?

How do I change the bank details linked to my account?

Can I have multiple goals?

I have multiple portfolios. How should I use my reference code?

How do I make changes to my Investment Goals?

Can I stop sending deposits for a few months and resume investments after?

Can I open multiple accounts?

Can I open a joint account?

Can I transfer funds from one goal to another?

Can I withdraw at any time?

How do I withdraw money from my StashAway account?

When will my withdrawn funds from StashAway appear in my bank account?

What if my Emirates ID and Passport expires, do I still have access to my account?

For how long am I locked into my StashAway account?

How often should I monitor my portfolios?

Where can I see my portfolio details?